For individuals who have physical, medical or cognitive challenges that make it difficult to travel to the dentist, pharmacy or laboratory facility, we come to you. We care for hundreds of patients in their homes or senior communities, serving those who live in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Our patients and providers benefit from our expertise in ancillary care—we work together as a team to ensure that patients can benefit from a wide array of ancillary services, while simultaneously saving on healthcare costs.

Our fully equipped home-based ancillary services teams are committed to removing all barriers to receiving dental, laboratory, pharmacy and durable medical equipment services regardless of location by bringing the care directly to you. 

We partner with families, care facilities and health care providers, including dentists, pharmacists and professional technicians to develop a targeted daily mobile care plan that compliments a successful assessment and treatment.

At mobile ancillary services, we have made it our mission to forge strong and better patient care built on high quality, seamless service delivery, anywhere, anytime.