VR Therapy

24/7 Care At Home takes a human-centered design approach, applying the latest MIT research to deliver affordable, customized virtual reality experiences for our eldercare services.

Cognitive Stimulation

Immersive experiences that stimulate brain function with a wide range of content and keep patients connected and engaged

Lifelong Learning

Variety of programs to engage diverse personal interests and to provide an educational experience and a sense of achievement

Group Experiences

Guided tours allow multiple patients to enjoy shared experiences. Tours include lesson plans and tips for the activity leader


Our virtual reality (VR) services guarantee to improve well-being, offer wide variety of contents, enjoy cognitive stimulation, stay connected with family.

VR technology can be used for many purposes, but to bring the world to the rooms of aged care residents that can no longer explore it, is a beautiful thing. We proudly to be the first in Southern California to provide amazing experiences of VR in aged care facilities as well as patients’ home. Our services offer a hands-free application that interacts with the web to make it a dynamic, ongoing experience.

Users can immerse themselves in experiences from five categories selected specifically for aged care: travel, adventure, animals, aquatic and relaxation; with new content regularly created and made available to residents.

For more information on how 24/7 Care At Home Therapy can help, don’t hesitate to call us at 800- 651-5371 today.