Mobile DME provides a wide range of durable medical equipment to meet the patient’s specific needs and maximize patient convenience. Our specially trained staff interfaces with both the patient and the caregiver/family, evaluate the patient and the home environment, and provide the appropriate equipment as directed by the doctor’s treatment plan.

Trained service technicians deliver the patient’s equipment, set it up for safe and easy use by the patient and provide service or maintenance when required.

With guaranteed prompt delivery and comprehensive training on equipment use, patient can achieve greater independence at home

Our professional staff works directly with physicians, discharge planners and social workers to ensure the patient’s smooth transition home from the hospital.

Mobile DME product line includes:

Ambulatory Aids:

Walkers and accessories, canes and crutches, wheelchairs (custom, standard and powered), scooters and accessories, lift chairs

Patient Room Equipment:

Hospital beds and accessories (side rails, trapeze bars, IV stands, and over-bed tables), dry floatation mattresses, cervical pillows, mattress wedges, patient lifts and commodes

Decubicare Items:

Alternating pressure pads, water floatation pads, gel floatation pads, low air loss mattress, lambs wool pads and foam egg crate pads

Bathroom Safety Items:

Bathtub safety rails, bath benches and transfer benches, commode rails and elevated commode seats

Bariatric Products:

From bath benches, transfer benches, reachers and maximum capacity scooter

Physical Therapy:

Orthopedic traction therapy constant passive motion (CPM)