A healthy smile is part of a healthy body. With Mobile Dentistries, patients benefit from experienced and caring dental professionals who are sensitive to the special needs of and the importance of dental health in the older patient. Our Mobile Dentistry Care is designed to provide a full range of dental services outside of a traditional dental office.

Our mobile dentistry services match those you would find in a dental office setting while avoiding difficulties that transportation may create in obtaining proper dental care. Providing senior dental care and care for immobile patients, our mobile dentists are able to treat patients in the comfort of their own beds. 

We use modern portable dental equipment and visit facilities on a regular basis to provide oral care for residents. Treatment plans are coordinated with your family and our patients’ medical professionals in order to coordinate medical and dental care.

Mobile Dentistry Services include:

• Initial Examinations
• Periodic Examinations
• Cleanings
• Treatment of sores and gum lesions
• Dentures, full and partial, refitting, reline and/or repair of dentures
• Palliative treatment to relieve pain

Call us when:

• Person stops eating
• Complaints centered on tooth or denture pain
• Gum infections
• Oral hygiene problems or discontinues dental hygiene
• Tartar buildup
• Person discontinues wearing dentures