Mobile Laboratory is a state of the art comprehensive diagnostic laboratory that offers a wide range of clinical testing services to providers and patients. On-site blood draws, specimen collection and physician-ordered tests can be done conveniently in the comfort of your own home from skilled medical professionals to save trip to the doctor’s office.

Our mission is to provide the highest attainable quality of service, convenience and accurate solution available to our clients.

Mobile Laboratory provides crucial assistance to disease diagnosis as well as key research that could potentially aid in future diagnosis and prevention.

Our certified and experienced phlebotomists ensure a prompt delivery of all specimens to lab destination, and results are rapidly distributed to your physician.

Mobile Labs services include:

Pharmacogentics (PGx):

Testing is intended to predict or explain how a person will respond to medicines based on that person’s specific genetic characteristics. Pharmacogenomic gives valuable information on how to avoid or minimize the incidence of adverse drug 

Toxicology Confirmation:  

Offers urine drug testing to substance abuse through two part process: screening and confirmation

Blood Testing:

Provides routine and specialty blood testing

Support Services:

Direct lines of communication to staff responsible for test status, pricing and billing, courier services , and STAT services to answer your questions.