Hospice Care

Hospice Care & Home Health Care in Orange county, ca

Hospice Care

Hospice care is a helpful service that ensures you or a loved one are kept comfortable when nearing the end of life. 24/7 Care At Home, based in Orange County, California, our care team offers exceptional hospice care tailored to your unique needs. The experienced team focuses on managing symptoms and pain and ensures overall physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Call today to schedule a hospice care consultation at (800) 509-6345. We're standing by to help.


*Same-day admissions are possible. A Doctor's order is required. 


What is hospice care?

Hospice care is medical care for a person with an anticipated life expectancy of six months or less. When a cure isn’t an option, the focus shifts to managing symptoms and pain and ensuring a comfortable quality of life, so you can be at home surrounded by loved ones where you are the happiest. Hospice care can also be fully provided at your assisted living comunity, nursing home, and board and care as well.

Hospice care includes the following:

  • In-home skilled nursing and MD services
  • In-home social work and counseling for you or your loved one
  • Medication to manage symptoms or pain delivered to your home
  • Medical equipment and supplies, including hospital bed
  • Incontinent supplies
  • Dietary guidance 
  • Physical and speech therapy
  • In-home chaplain and spiritual services 
  • Bath aides
  • Volunteers

Your hospice team with 24/7 Care At Home is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the benefits of hospice care?

The 24/7 Care At Home team offers a patient-centered approach that tailors care to you or your loved one’s unique needs and wishes. 

Care encompasses special physical, psychological, and emotional challenges that may evolve at any time. The team also honors various social and spiritual requirements.

Admission generally takes place the same day once you are qualified to receive your hospice benefit. Call today to conduct an initial visit to assess a patient’s condition and needs. 

What can I expect from hospice care?

There are four levels of hospice care with 24/7 Care At Home.

Routine Level of Care

This common type of hospice care involves all clinical support disciplines providing in-home care which may include a private residence, assisted living facility, board and care, or a nursing home.

General In-Patient Care

Hospice provides continuous care at an in-patient unit, hospital, or skilled nursing facility if pain is severe or symptoms are unmanageable. 

Continuous Care

This level of care focuses on nursing support at your or your loved one’s home during a period of crisis. Nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other members of the hospice team work to gain control over acute symptoms or pain. 

Respite Care

You may benefit from respite care if you or your caregiver needs a break from daily responsibilities. Care is typically limited to five consecutive days at any one time and must take place at a skilled nursing facility.

To learn more or schedule a helpful hospice care consultation with 24/7 Care At Home, call us today at (800) 509-6345.