Hospitalist and Post-Acute Program FAQs

Hospitalist and Post-Acute Program FAQs

What is Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group?

Our physicians are all Board Certified/Eligible in Internal Medicine with a primary focus on Inpatient Hospital Care and Post-Acute Care to support the individual’s continued recovery from illness or management of a chronic illness or disability. Each of our doctors has been hand-picked to be a part of our team based on their exceptional clinical skills, strong sense of integrity and deep commitment to compassionate care.

What makes Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group different from other?

Our physicians are skilled at managing complex medical conditions in a variety of settings including skilled nursing, long-term care and assisted living facilities. With regularly-scheduled physicians on-site, nursing facility staff is assured that the appropriate level of care is provided to residents in a timely manner. Community hospitals and post-acute facilities benefit from our presence in both settings by facilitating smoother discharges and safer transitions of care.

Will my loved one receive a similar post-acute care as they did at the hospital?

While there are some subtle differences in the level of post-acute care compared to the hospital, our goal is to provide your loved one the same quality of services across post-acute spectrum with the same great outcomes.

Do hospitalists replace my primary care physician?

Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group work with the community of physicians – including primary care physicians and specialists. To provide the best possible care, your medical history is provided to the hospitalist at the time of admission. Upon discharge, patients and their updated medical records are returned to the primary care physician.

How does my regular doctor know about my illness in the hospital?

Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group work closely with the community of physicians throughout the admission and discharge process to ensure the smooth transition of care. Medical records are updated and exchanged and Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group take it upon themselves to be sure their patients resume appropriate care with their personal physician. If you don’t have a primary care physician, you are provided one to follow up with your medical needs.

What if a patient doesn’t have a primary care physician?

Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group provide care for those without a primary care physician. To guarantee these patients are under a doctor’s care after discharge, Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group collaborates with their community’s primary care physicians. These physicians will take care of these unassigned patients in exchange for Hospitalist and Post-Acute Group providing inpatient care for their patients.

What if a patient doesn’t have insurance?

Hospitalists provide same high level of compassionate care regardless of a patient’s insurance status. It really makes no difference to the hospitalist, who is trained to provide every patient the best possible care. They do, however, work closely with case management to assist their patients in accessing all possible resources unique to their situation.